Francesco Gattuso is an artist working out of Long Island, New York. Through a practice that spans across painting, drawing, and sculpture, Gattuso addresses the historical use of fantasy and otherworldly imagery in Western Society to reinforce “otherness” onto marginalized peoples. His work has been shown nationally at multiple universities and internationally at Atelier Schloss Jägerhoff, Düsseldorf, Germany. In 2020, Gattuso completed the Alfred/Düsseldorf MFA in Painting program. In July 2021, he attended the Mudhouse Residency program in Crete, Greece, and was a Winter 2021/22 Artist in Residence at the Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY. 

Artist Statement

I use fantastical and otherworldly imagery to explore the complexities of race, the fluidity of gender, and embodied projections of otherness within our society. My work addresses how Western society has historically used fantasy imagery to reinforce “otherness” onto marginalized peoples, further upholding white supremacist ideology. My practice challenges the imposed, rigid social categories and hierarchies that inaccurately define us, challenging false hegemonic narratives about European culture and the whitewashing of its many origins. Ultimately, they celebrate the beautiful, imperfect, and syncretic nature of race, ethnicity, and culture. This is in stark contrast to the oversimplified ideas we have about race and cultural hegemony in the United States.

Using Format